Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So we went to bear lake again. caseyrennygabetarajaredgavinloganandi shared a condo. It was a nice little condo. There were two bedrooms and a couch. Since i'm the divorced sister and don't really need a private bedroom I was summoned to the couch. jaja jk . . well not really. but yes it was an awesome couch.
We spent most of the time on the beach and boating. pictures?

That's me trying to take a picture with Tara. . but she walked away. Thanks Tara.

That's my mom and Regan looking at sand castle.------------------------------------------->

Logan and Gavin frolicked on the beach the whole time, for some reason Logan only wanted to wear Regans shirt. Sorry Regan.

Everyone at beach. -caseymotherfather. And no, we didn't even plan our poses. . not even Jared who is digging a hole.

Yes. My tubing skills are so much better than Tara's. I can shoot. She can scream.

Casey really liked this tractor.

Logan didn't really appreciate boating unless he had his hater blockers on.

and yes. no breylopezmcdanielspencergagne' vacation goes without at least 293874 games of phase ten/canadian salad.

Moving on.

Breaking Dawn came out. Jessica, Cameron and I went to the midnight party. . hmmmm. After five minutes we left the midnight party and went to walmart. Then came back to stand in line to get the book.

Thanks to our standing in line earlier that morning to get a wrist band we were near the beginning and got our books quite rapidly. Not that it mattered as Cameron informed me. He went to walmart the next day and got the book with no line and ten dollars cheaper. Awesome.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I told Krick i'd post a blog a couple weeks ago, I never did. .
A couple weeks ago. . ? I went to California to go on romantic dates with Kricket. Day 1 we went to eat at a place. . can't remember what it's called. . i got an awesome salad that looked like the garbage disposal threw up

it was actually really good though. Then we went to BEACH. We walked around. . .and walked around. . . then stood around, Kricket wouldn't pose on a rock in the sunset for a picture. . Krick says i'm bossy. whatever. We got slurpees, they were good. Day 2 we went and saw Wicked, it was goooooood, and i have decided i'm going back to see dirty dancing. . road trip anyone? Oh yes and we forgot to take the picture in front of the theatre so I had to compromise.

anyways Wicked was good, trip to California, good. Salad, good.

Logan learned a new trick. . if you say "touch your nose" . .he touches his nose. . .it's awesome. He can also touch his ear, eye, and stick out his tongue. .and toes. . and bicep. Now we are working on touch your gastrocnemius, touch your latissimus dorsi, and touch your deltoids.

He also got his first haircut in a salon. . it was awesome. My dad had to hold his head while I held his arms to his legs due to his thrashing and screaming. .and spitting. .

Due to recent going on's I decided to go up with my parents, justin and regan to bear lake for 2 days so I wouldn't be eaten by ghouls. It was awesome. . . .awesome. Got to see Ashlee and her man for a few seconds. . we ate chicken tacos at chilis. . our waiter was sweating profusely.

I decided to document our trip with cell phone pictures. . that's us . .driving.

That's Regan picking up my chicken taco off the floor and throwing it out the window.

That's when we got to bear lake. . we had a sing a long of 'i can be your hero' it was beautiful.

I forgot to take a picture of the bathrooms. . but they were gross.

That's us driving back to Logan to watch Batman. I got middle. awesome.

That's me after the drive through the canyon in the middle with justin and regan playing corners. awesome.

That's my mom doing the robot to Roxette.

I don't feel like posting the rest. i'm tired. but I will be going back to bear lake tomorrow with the rest of the fam . ... so later.

Monday, June 23, 2008


orange hat, belt, and cowboy boots. . .and red shirt. Unfortunately Jessica wanted to go to the ticket booth a different way so I could only capture man walking away. . . anyways. go carnival rides? go jessica for being awesome on carnival rides. go us for spending ten dollars on carnival rides.

moving on.

So I have this new friend. His name is Tony. He spins fire. More Awesome. He is going to teach me how to spin fire. Unfortunately I had to start out with colorful lighted eggs? He thought me starting with fire might be dangerous. . pfft! Oh yes he also builds awesome forts out of sticks AND gets free hot chocolate at Dennys. That is the fort that you can't see. . anyways I tried to weave leafs together for the roof but ended up shredding them. crap. I loose at fort made of sticks and leafs.


I ran into the basketball pole with my car the other night. More Awesome. I thought I saw someone run across the lawn, it scared me, so I pushed on the gas then heard the sound of metal grinding together. It made me laugh. . odd. I didn't even look at the damage until morning.

It actually wasn't that bad. . besides right over the tire and a huge scratch running along the side of my car. Go me.

My last few dreams i've had involved me running into cars and leaving huge dents then contemplating if I should run away or not.

My car wouldn't start at a stoplight yesterday for about five minutes. Cars kept honking at me. . you would think maybe there is something wrong?

As I was driving home last night I realized I was missing a turn so I turned rather sharply. . There was gravel. . there was sliding and a cool spin, and again I came about 2 centimeters from running into another pole. After my heart started again I made it home without any incident. . and thanks to my parents for setting up lights in the front so I don't take out the basketball pole. . i'm beginning to think maybe I shouldn't drive my car for a bit? The check engine light has been on for about a month and a half. . hmmmm.

My phone has been pretty messed up so all you texters out there sorry if I respond to messages you sent me hours or days ago that make no sense.

I believe that is all.

Oh and ps. . kricket you are not on.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

say what?

first off. . this was in the fridge this morning. .

pancake, bacon with fork anyone?

Anyways. . I was driving to the provo mall when I came to a stop light. For some reason the car in front of me had lined it's backseat with rubber duckies. . .for some reason this made me angry. I wanted to run into it. Why? I have no idea. I had to turn so I wouldn't give these manic rubber ducky coloradians the evil eye. I suppose backseat lined with rubber ducks goes right along with the words belly, tummy, blouse and panties. Sorry for the crappy picture, it was the best I could do. Here is an ode to the people who ruined my day.

that is all. Good Night.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cool Blue

I cannot stop drinking Gatorade. Flavor: Cool Blue. I bought a bunch to take to the gym to quench my thirst. I've taken one to the gym. I have one left. Crap.

Side Note: While I was driving northbound on I-15 I noticed an ugly van next to me. I turned to see the driver. He looked like Josh Holloway from Lost (I've also overdosed on Lost this last week). I kept looking and looking. Then he looked at me and smiled and I was like . . . . . . . that. Anyways I had to get off the exit so i merged right. I looked at the van again which was now to the left and in front of me. Josh was looking out his back window at me then he started waving. So I waved back. Awesome. As I continued to get off the interstate he continued to watch my car. Needless to say I almost got back on.

And NO Jessica. . .they do not look alike.

End Note: Only 30 more posts Kricket

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

argh. . jessica. .kirk. .i so do not have time for this right now. . or maybe i do

1. Saturdays Warrior -if my mom would show me where she hid it
2. A Walk to Remember- but only in french
3. Bring it On. . all or nothing
4. Waiting for Guffman

1. Pro-Copy. . I made books and copied paper and got to use a huge slicing machine that could take your head off. . awesome
2. Taxi Driver
3. Wendys Employee. .yes I had so many pins on my hat
4. I am so unemployed right now

1. Parents Home-Highland UT
2. Parkway Crossing-Orem UT
3. Trailor Park-Tampa FL. . . IT WAS DOUBLE WIDE
4. Parents Home-Highland UT. . . i hope this isn't a vicious cycle

1. cafe rio's chicken salad. .i can smell it
2. jajaja so vanilla. . so vanilla

1. Ninja Warrios
2. Survivorman
3. The Office
4. yes. . Smallville

2. facebook
3. . . myspace
4. youtube

1. Hawaii
2. Flroida
3. Utah. .
4. prarie dog town

1. jajaja
2. crap
3. jessica
4. crap FACE

1. Jessica
2. Kricket
3. That's right. . do it again
4. Tara will probably do it too

Saturday, May 17, 2008

crap. .i loose at the blogging game

Your Personality is Very Rare (ENTP)

Your personality type is optimistic, curious, enthusiastic, and open.

Only about 4% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 5% of all men.

You are Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving.


anyways. . i'm completely out of clothes to wear. . I had to put on these yellow shorts and one of my brothers youth conference shirts. . as I was walking around I looked in the mirror and I thought. . .geez these shorts are awfully familiar. . so I keep walking and I come back in the room. . and it hits me!! They are the exact same yellow shorts on Juno.

Anyways. . . my camera broke in california and I think i'm going through picture taking withdrawls. . I need a new facebook picture.

Side Note: Kricket if I died I would rather you celebrate my funeral in Yosemite.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Second day posting in a row. .I rock

So my family and I just got done watching Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock. . . at the beginning of the movie I was a bit on the tired side. . not really wanting to watch it . . almost went downstairs to bed. .anyways i'm glad I stuck it out. . here are some highlights. .

yep. . .pretty awesome.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

for jessica

so Jessica told me I need to blog. . EVERY DAY. I said ok. .. but then i didn't. . anyways

1. i've had a total of like 5 hours sleep over the weekend

so Friday was fun. I got to talk to T-Hunt and Kareena via text. I've had lots of comments on how I was born in the wrong generation. Maybe. Or maybe I just get along better with everyones moms, sometimes. I went to Tiffanys Birthday Bash. I went to a social gathering with Adam. I got to meet Rico. I overdosed on breath mints, which by the way do not taste very good but I could not stop eating them. . maybe they caused my dehydration. maybe not.

hmmm I dont really remember saturday. .OH I've been taking care of Puppy/Jimmy for the last couple of days. I get to drive to West Valley to let puppy/jimmy out to poop (which he already has several times in the house by the time I get there) and I put some food in his bowl (even though it's almost full every time) . . it's awesome. I think I went somewhere else on Saturday. . ?

I remember all my life, rainin down as cold as ice. Happy people pass my way, lookin in their eyes, i see a memory, i never realized how happy you made me. . . oh barry. . on second note I think we should play balderdash again Jessica.

OH! the lyrics to piano man . . it is MEMORY. . he said son can you play me a memory. . .not melody. . yes. . I was right. . thank you.

On another note Logan is terrified of the bounce house in my backyard. He also learned how to swing on a big swing. . not really learned but he swings on it now, on another note he gave adam high five like five times and stones . . . or boom. go logan. go adam.

on another note . .jajaja. . .I have passed Jessica up on kirks blog comments. go me. go kirk for writing awesome blogs.

I don't think i have anymore notes. . . goodnight.